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"Cupping for physical therapist "
2 days course
London, U.K.

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Why should attend :

For many practitioners, cupping is often an elusive if not slightly mysterious practice.

Often quickly applied in redundant circumstances, cups by their inherent efficiency, allow even the poorly trained to obtain a certain level of relief from their application. As a result, only a small number of clinicians find the motivation to carry their studies of the method long and deep enough to use it at its higher potential.

For the last 7 years, I have enforced myself to breach this gap in education by developing this course in the the art of cupping for physical therapist. This 2 days course, more than a simple introduction, is built to equip the aspiring practitioner with a complete vision of the theoretical foundations from which the application of cupping draws its efficiency.

It also emphasise another, often neglected but critical aspect : the importance of good form and precision in the application of the cups,  an absolute requirement, for both reasons of efficiency and safety.

Cupping as a tool has no equivalent and its complex functions will allow you to optimise your clinical results in the following fields of application :

  • musculo skeletal pain : chronic spinal pain and/or tissue alteration, fibromyalgia

  • scar Tissues, particularly in the post-surgical context

  • pulmonary infections

  • mobilization of the connective tissues and treatment of the superficial fascia in hard to reach places.

It will also allow you to respond to a growing demand for the use of cups among well informed sport people and athletes.

It will also provides you new insights on the mechanisms involved in tissues alteration/dysfunction, based on Chinese medical concepts of blood stasis and pathogen

Next session

FEB. sat. 17 - sun. 18 2024

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Nom du lieu

The Millers Way Project


London, U.K.

Price & payment


Fees includes the provision of a set of 6 glass cups, a forceps and a cotton storing jar which will allow you to return to practice with the required equipment.

Payment by transfer, possibly in 2 or 3 times (total payment is required 2 weeks before the course to confirm your registration). 


If you want to enrol or to get more information, please contact us at 

Who is this course for :

Physical therapists including, Osteopaths, Chiropractors. Physiotherapists, and massage therapists.
Your previous clinical experience in palpatory diagnosis of tissue dysfunction will allow you to directly integrate the use of cupping to your pre-existing method of palpatory diagnosis of tissue alteration. 

What you will learn :

The teaching takes place over 2 days organised on the following axis:

  • A theoretical presentation of the general concepts of application of cupping as theorized by the Chinese. Those concepts will be presented in a “westernized” version, allowing the non-initiated to understand the depth and the intelligence underlying the practice 

  • An intensive practice based around the extensive repetition of a safe protocol of application. These practices will be carried until the proper form is assimilated by all students


The objectives of these two phases is to allow attendees to be reach a high level of efficiency in their practice of cupping while making sure they practice with the required level of safety.

In more details, the course will cover the following:

  • History and cultural aspect of the practice of cupping

  • The main uses of cupping, cross culturally

  • Accidentology of cupping and how to work safely

  • The importance of using the right equipment and method of application

  • Principles of physiopathology as deduced from Chinese concepts of blood stasis and climatic Qi

  • Contra indications and side effect

  • Length and strength of application

  • The cupping marks. Their various meaning and clinical use

  • Why the degree of suction need to be modulated and controlled (theory and practice)

  • Practice of fire cupping 

  • Practice of massage cupping (also called sliding cupping) 

  • Introduction to the use of silicon cups for the treatment of the superficial fascia

  • Practice with the silicon cups on hard to reach anatomical area

  • Cupping and sport

  • Flash cupping for the treatment of acute disorders (theory and practice)

  • The use of cups for the treatments of pulmonary infections (theory and practice)

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