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What we treat

We practice osteopathy and chinese medicine for the treatment of traumatic injury :


Non-healing fracture

Whiplash injury

Post-Surgical Pain

Sport Injuries

Post-Concussion Syndrome

What we do


Originally trained in TCM acupuncture, we now exclusively use the Taiwanese approaches made famous by the late Doctors Tung and Tan. These approaches relies on the needling of points located away from the site of injury which allows for the provision of manual treatment simultaneously. Providing an injury is not too severe, it can often provide pain relief in a matters of minutes. We use it extensively when treating acute injuries.


Develloped 150 years ago, Osteopathy has gradually evolved into many different styles.

Originally trained in France, we have remained faithfull to the Continental approach, (actually a modern re-interpretation of the original concepts).

This approach relies quasi-exclusively on the use of fine palpation to diagnose and treat restrictions of mobility throughout the entire anatomy ( joints,  organs , nervous tissue...etc). It represents the foundation of my clinical approach to trauma.

Tui Na

This Chinese version of physical therapy is a rich discipline that  normally requires  3 years of University education before Chinese practitioners can qualified. From our  point of view,  it constitutes an ideal foundation to both the study and practice of acupuncture.

Learning Tui Na allowed us to integrate further the concepts of Chinese Medicine into our work as a physical therapist. Bertrand was originally trained by Dr F. Butler, One of the very few Westerners educated through a direct aprenticeship, and co-founder of the Zheng Gu School of Tui Na in New-York.

External Application of Chinese Herbs

The external application of Chinese herbs under the form of soaks, poultices, oils, creams, etc.... is one of the pillars of "Die Da Medicine" (knocks and fall Medicine), a centuries old system of treatment that develloped  around the practice of martial arts among monks and soldiers. Every injury type is classified according to several factors such as chronicity, level of swelling, pain, etc..and the appropriate association of herbs is applied to the area of injury. The variety and complexity of the herbal formulas used has no Western equivalent and, in our experience, its use is often critical in the treatment of severe injuries.

Chinese herbal Medicine

Compared to Western medication, most Chinese herbs constitute a very safe form of treatment with fewer, if any side effects.. Their constant use, over more than 2000 years, within a reasonably homogenous framework of use, provides us with an incredibly vast source of therapeutics. From the promotion of bone repair to the reduction of a swelling or an heamatoma, they can be used extensively to fasten recovery and prevent the development of complications.

Rehab and Exercises

We consistently recommend the use of movments and exercises from the earlier stage of an injury.This stimulation promotes fluid circulation, tissue growth, and also prevents the development of dysfunctional protective patterns based on the activation of fear and pain pathways within the brain. We most often use simple, taylor made exercises regime, based on various sources and which requires nothing more than a bit of daily dedication.

For cases requiring extensive rehabilitation programs, we work in collaboration with some of London's leading experts in the field.

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