Acupuncture & Osteopathy for the Treatment of Traumatic Injuries


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Originally trained in TCM acupuncture, we now exclusively use the Taiwanese approaches made famous by the late Drs Tung and Tan.

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Tua Na

Tui Na

This Chinese version of physical therapy is a rich discipline that normally requires  3 years of University education before Chinese practitioners can qualified.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Compared to Western medication, most Chinese herbs constitute a very safe form of treatment with fewer, if any side effects.. Their constant use, over more than 2000 years, within a reasonably homogenous framework of use provides us with an incredible source of therapeutic solutions. 

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Physical Therapy

Developed 150 years ago, Osteopathy has gradually evolved in many different styles.

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External application of Chinese herbs

External Application of Chinese Herbs

The external application of Chinese herbs under the form of soaks, poultices, oils, creams, etc.... is one of the pillars of "Die Da Medicine" (knocks and fall Medicine), a centuries old system of treatment that developed  around the practice of martial arts among monks and soldiers.

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Rehab and Exercises

Rehab and Exercises

We consistently use movements and exercises from the earlier stage of an injury.This stimulation promotes fluid circulation, tissue growth, and also prevents the development of dysfunctional protective patterns based on the activation of fear and pain pathways within the brain.

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“Bertrand can scan and read your body like an open book. His extensive knowledge of the human body and its reaction to stress or to simple 'mechanical' issues is really impressive. He regularly fixes the members of my family from anything ranging emotional issues, to a sprained ankle or some muscle aches…..anything really. I highly recommend him to everyone I know."


“Bertrand is incredible! He has helped me (and many of my friends) find relief to pain, injuries, stiffness, tiredness, migraines, digestion problems,….. I can turn up with any of these complaints and Bertrand quickly pinpoints the source - however unlikely or baffling - and always treats it through his seemingly intuitive and gentle practice. I always leave revived and uplifted and rarely ever need to return for a second appointment. Highly highly recommended.”


“Bertrand has treated me for a number of injuries and ailments over the years. He brings a very powerful combination of finely tuned cranial and visceral osteopathic skills with Chinese medicine and acupuncture expertise in providing excellent treatment and management of injuries and pain. His integrated holistic approach means he gets to the root of the issue very quickly unlike many practitioners who I find treat the symptoms only. I find him highly engaging, insightful and relaxed and have come away every time fully recovered and thoroughly impressed with the quality of his work.”


“Ma rencontre avec Bertrand Courtot?
La présence, la précision et la rigueur, un usage unique de l'acupuncture taïwanaise, et surtout une éthique fondée sur l'écoute attentive de la particularité de chacun. Bref, une belle expérience.”